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Kurds in Vladivostok

Feds check up on Kurds

The Primorye Passport and Visa Service recently checked up on the number of Kurds living in the region, said Nikolai Romanov, service's chief. Officials found that two Kurd families live in Vladivostok and in general, there are about 30 Kurds throughout Primorye. Romanov said similar checkups are done on other nationalities residing in Primorye. Kurds chiefly deal in commerce and have never created any problems. In fact, there are more people of this ethnicity in the region, but in the past many wrote in their passports they were Azerbaijanis, Armenians or Georgians for the fear of ethnic or religious prosecution. Quite a few Kurds ended up in the Far East after serving in the Soviet Army or Navy and then brought here their families from Central Asia and Transcaucasia. They speak Russian and attend Russian schools and colleges, but keep their ways and traditions.

Publiziert am: Donnerstag, 05. März 2009 (6337 mal gelesen)
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