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Nine Iraq Kurdish parties call for referendum on self-determination right

18 April 2007

In a joint statement issued on 14 April, nine Kurdistani parties announced that they "strongly criticize [Iraqi Premier] Nuri al-Maliki's government and demand that the government implement Article 140 without any delays and as scheduled. Otherwise, we will ask the people of Kurdistan to call for a referendum through the UN to determine their fate." The statement was issued at the headquarters of the Kurdistan Toilers' Party.

Another part of the statement reads: "We condemn the Turkish threats and intervention in the Kirkuk issue."

Saman Majid, member of the Political Bureau of the Democrats Party of Kurdistan [this is not the Kurdistan Democratic Party, KDP], told Hawlati: "We believe that Article 140 will not be implemented on time; therefore, all of us should have a stance. Our stance in this regard is to warn Al-Maliki's government."

The nine parties include the Kurdistan Toilers' Party, the Democrats Party of Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party, the Kurdistan National Party, the Kurdistan Liberation Party, the Democratic Member of the People of Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Leftists' Party, the Kurdistan Independent Labour Party and the Communist Union of Kurdistan.

Source: Hawlati, Sulaymaniyah; http://www.iraqupdates.com/p_articles.php/article/16600

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